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Doctor’s Krishi Evam Bagwani Vikas Sanstha (Doctor’s Agriculture and Horticultural Development Society) is a Government Registered Organization with the objective of bringing new Agricultural and Horticultural Technology by ‘Eco-friendly’ approaches. Our society has completed successfully 18 years of service.

It has been observed that use of pesticides have been the main mode of control of pests and they are still in use on large scale as preventive and curative measures.

The excessive and indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers has resulted in serious environmental pollution, destruction of natural enemies, and development of resistance to these chemicals and residue hazards etc. Therefore, the needs to phase out the use of these chemicals are now taking momentum. The research priorities in many developed countries have fundamental shift from chemical to non-chemical methods which are more ecologically sound and economically secure. Keeping the above in view the Doctor’s Krishi Evam Bagwani Vikas Sanstha, Lucknow envisage to bring out a bi-annual journal “Journal of Eco-friendly Agriculture” where in all latest research information on organic farming will be published from all over the country and abroad. The publication of original research pokers in this journal will provide opportunities to research workers to accelerate their work in this specialized on eco-friendly approaches.


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I am happy to know that Doctor's Krishi Evarn Bagwani Vikas Sansthan is promoting organic farming through; systematic use of bio-pesticides, bio-agents,

Sharad Pawar Minister of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs
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The indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizer in our agriculture system has seriously effected in decline of our Agriculture produce.

Dr. Bal Ram Jakhar Governor and Chancellor, State-Madhya Pradesh
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I am happy to learn that Doctor's Krishi Evam Bagwami Vikas Sanstha, Lucknow is launching a new research journal entitled Journal of Eco-F riendly Agriculture" for fulfilling the need of agricultural..

Dr. C.D. Mayee Chairman, ASRB,Indian
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Eco-agriculture describes landscapes that support both agricultural production and biodiversity conservation, working in harmony together to improve the livelihoods of rural communities.

Dr. S. Ayyappan Secretary & Director General,
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